Social Metrics Pro WordPress Plugin – The Best Social Signal Tracking and Monitoring Tool

Social Metrics Pro WordPress Plugin – The Best Social Signal Tracking and Monitoring Tool

“Social Metrics Pro WordPress Plugin - First Page Ranking with Social Signals! Start Measuring Your Social Signals The Way Google Sees It!”

With the trends of social optimization changing at every drop of the hat, optimizers have been facing a difficult time trying to keep up. Link-building and creating backlinks—two methods that are being currently used for SEO—have suddenly become obsolete. This is because of the recent announcement made by popular search engine websites like Google and Bing that they have begun using social signals to rank the popularity of websites. Though the new announcement puts most search engine optimizers in a tizzy, as they would have to change their methods, the tool we are reviewing today is a step in the right direction.

Because of this the creator of SEOPressor WordPress plugin come with the new plugin for WordPress called Social Metrics Pro WordPress plugin. Here our review on Social Metrics Pro WordPress plugin, make sure you check it out.

social metrics pro wordpress plugin

What is Social Metrics Pro WordPress Plugin

Social Metrics Pro is the newest search engine optimization tool on the market that works on the principle of Google and Bing’s newest policy of ranking websites. It helps optimizers keep track of the progress of their websites on social networks. It is compatible with some of the most popular social networks already. It can assess feeds from Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and several others are in the pipeline.

The purpose of Social Metrics Pro is to give the user a clear picture of how the website is faring on the social network. Each time someone comments, likes or shares some content, it is recorded by Social Metrics Pro. The optimizer can keep track of this and keep making improvements to the websites so as to make them more appealing on the social network.

Social Metrics Pro is a new-fangled tool but it still makes things easy for the newbie optimizer. It has a simple color coding output system. The content on the website that has poor social signals are displayed in red, while the content that fares well is displayed in green. This literally gives a clear picture to the social optimizer, whose primary task is to convert all the reds into greens.

Currently, Social Metrics Pro is available as a simple downloadable plugin that works on most browsers. It is designed for the WordPress blogosphere.

Social Metrics Pro Features

  • Powerful Dashboard to centrally monitor social activity across leading social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg and LinkedIn
  • Track WordPress posts, pages and custom post types
  • Visually identify the popular posts with Excel-like color-coded conditional formatting
  • Sort and search options to analyze your data
  • Filter option to filter by category and dates
  • Export to Excel functionality for further analysis. Comma-separated and tab-delimited file formats to support any spreadsheet processor of your choice
  • See the latest stats on your WordPress dashboard
  • Access to Social Metrics Pro Dashboard from WordPress admin bar
  • Complete control over options and settings. Track only the networks you want. Turn off features you dont use.
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.2 and above (self-hosted)
  • Install, activate and start seeing your stats right away.

For the modern optimizer, it becomes important to stay in tune with the website’s performance on the social network. Social Metrics Pro does just that, through a simple visual representation. It does not need the optimizer to work with difficult links, tags or codes. This search optimization tool ranks highly in our viewpoint because of its simplicity and usefulness, and also the fact that it uses one of the newest methods of ranking used by the biggest search engines of the world.

You can download and see Social Metrics Pro WordPress plugin here. For more information read Social Metrics Pro testimonials.

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Social Metrics Pro WordPress Plugin - The Best Social Signal Tracking and Monitoring Tool, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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