SEO Packages

Our custom SEO services and packages are designed to meet the precise requirements of your website. We have an impressive record of gaining first page results in Google, and are one of very few Malaysia SEO Companies who have the confidence to offer a 50% upfront and 50% on results payment model. To full fill the needs of small business owner we also offer affordable SEO packages that based on monthly subscription plan. Make sure you check our SEO packages and plan.

That not all before we setup our own SEO services site and company, we already successful served small business clients and site owner that want us to help them in SEO. We know what you want as a small site owner because we also begin our online journey as a part time online marketer. Contact us, don’t worry we will answer all related question.

Our Complete SEO Packages cover every aspect of SEO, we begin with keyword research to make sure the keywords you are promoting carry levels of relevant traffic which are beneficial when compared to the cost of promoting your site. This is the first step in ensuring you benefit from a high return on investment.

The next step is a full website review, we look at all aspects of your site, from pages structure to category linking, site navigation usability and search engine friendliness, to internal link and how to fix the issues. We also optimize your pages or site category to make sure that they are indexed in Google for the right keywords. In our review we will provide a report for you as a website owner as a guidelines and solution. In simple term we can be your advisory partner.

Link building is also included in our Complete SEO packages, and the duration will vary in relation to the levels of competition around your chosen keywords. We also provide monthly ranking reports to highlight the progress of your campaign in major search engines.

SEO is a marathon and not sprint, that means SEO take time – usually in 60-90 days you will see the result.


For more information regarding our SEO Packages, website analysis and a competitive quotation, please contact us.